Soul Memory

Soul Memory Discovery is a spiritual healing modality that enables us to access, identify, and release troubling issues that limit our lives and inhibit the full expression of our Essence and our Beings.

Susan is a Soul Memory Discovery Facilitator, who facilitates both private sessions and teaches Opening To Your Soul which enables a client to do SMD work for themselves.

Soul Memory Discovery heals the emotional body, and can be helpful in eliminating symptoms of:

  • Anxiety & Fear – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – Complicated Grief Reactions – Rage & Anger – Depression

Soul Memory Discovery resolves the problems of everyday life, including:

  • Relationship issues – Aloneness & Isolation – Lack of Abundance – Dissatisfaction with Work – Hopelessness & Despair – Feeling Lost or Stuck

Soul Memory Discovery has helped people move through physical ailments, such as:

  • Arthritis – Immune Disorders – Cancer – Headaches – Respiratory Ailments – Sleep Disorders – Asthma – Digestive Disorders – Seizure Disorders

A Soul Memory Discovery Session begins with a quick polarity balance, which aligns your energy field with the Earth’s. This allows us to access clear and accurate information stored in your soul memory banks. Answers are accessed from your soul’s memory through logical “yes-no” questions, and the origins of your problems are identified, released and cleared.

Throughout the session, you are fully alert, aware, and a full participant.

The process is gentle, safe, uplifting, empowering, and immediately effective.

Issues are cleared in one to two sessions, and you need do nothing to maintain the clearing. The changes that take place during a Soul Memory Discovery session are life-enhancing and permanent.

A session with Susan is about two to three hours. The fee is based on a sliding scale, at an hourly rate.

If you, or someone you love, lives far away, a Long-Distance Soul Memory Discovery session is just as effective over the telephone or on Skype – and just as enriching.


Opening To Your Soul is a weekend workshop which has a prerequisite of a previous Pendulum Play class which includes a permanent field clearing, chakra decording and a shield of balancing colors. The workshop price is $150.00 please check the calendar of events for upcoming classes.


For more detailed information on Soul Memory Discovery and its origins or to become a facilitator, please visit my Master Teacher; Ellen Kaufman Dosick’s website.


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