Indigos come to this Earth retaining eternal knowledge: remembering the secrets from the Other Side: holding the God-Vision of a perfect world. Yet once here on earth, they are deeply pained by the great dissonance between the perfection they inherently know, and the wildly imperfect world they experience. While these children and adults are described as “extremely bright;” “precocious;” and “wise beyond their years,” in their bewildered anguish they often “act out” and don’t “fit in.” They often seem unhappy, angry, or depressed, and quite frequently diagnosed as “learning disabled,” “hyper-active,” or “attention-deficient.” The children are sometimes put in “special classes” at school and taken from counselor to therapist, and, when all else fails, medicated with drugs. The world was not yet ready for them, Indigos in order to “get along” or to “make it” in this world had to “go along.” The Earth is now closer than ever to being ready for these special individuals, it is time that Indigos stop denying their essence and start to Spiritually Heal Their Emotional Wounds to come into their full selves, for them, for us, and the Oneness of the universal soul.

Susan is a certified Indigo Empowering Facilitator using one of three processes (depending on age) to help these wonderful individuals to fulfill their souls purpose. Sessions are based on an hourly sliding scale fee. Results are permenant. Please contact to schedule a session.

GraceLight – is a spiritual healing process for Indigo Children between birth and seven years of age — effected for them by their parents — that softens the pain of their separation from the Divine; lessens their discomfort in Earth-existence; and nourishes their vision of a world of Oneness and perfection.

The 17 is a therapeutic process —sourced in the world of the Spirit — that celebrates our children’s inherent knowing; brings life-changing transformation to their attitudes and behaviors; and affirms their soul-vision of a perfect world.

The Point of Essence Process – is a spiritual healing for Adult Indigos that unblocks your lifetime’s constraints, restraints, and soul-suppressions; reconnects the “You-ness of You” with the Divine; affirms the full truth of your Self and the full expression of your Being; allows you to reclaim your soul-purpose and you soul-mission on Earth; and helps to renew your vision of a perfect world.

Indigo Children are:

• Highly intelligent, deeply intuitive, incredibly creative, full of energy;

• Self-reliant, self-sufficient, have high self-esteem, and an almost-regal

sense of entitlement.

• They usually “get it” before anyone else and have little patience for rules or authority, or “old” structures.

• They are “ wise old souls,” with a keen sense of purpose and destiny.

• They carry with them eternal remembering,

and hold a vision of joyful, harmonious perfection for themselves and for our world.

Thus they carry more pain…


To learn more about these processes, the Indgo’s or to buy the book Empowering Your Indigo Child, please visit my Master Teacher Rabbi Wayne Dosick’s website

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